Julia Holland

Vocal Artist

Julia Holland

Vocal Instructor and performer

Real vocal experience

Julia Holland has devoted her life to exploring and performing many genres of music including classical, jazz, blues, rock and musical theatre. She has taught all ages, from amateurs to pros to celebrities. She brings her deep understanding of vocal science, performance techniques and years of teaching experience to each session, and has the ability to tune into each student’s unique gifts and abilities.

With real industry experience that includes directing large scale musical productions in Malibu and Los Angeles theaters, Julia uses her skills as a professional actor, director and vocalist to help clients find their voice and strengthen their natural gifts. Having run her own music studio in Malibu for over 20 years, Julia has seen countless performers grow under her instruction. Julia’s busy vocal studio provides an intimate and liberating environment to inspire personal artistic development for people of all ages, types and levels.

In addition to music and acting, Julia’s deepest mission is to make the earth a better place, empowering her fellow human beings and being empowered herself, sharing the vision of collective thriving. Inspired by this inner call, she founded the Eco Hero Kids, a foundation for children’s education on environmental awareness, designed to inspire children through music, stories and creative earth projects, all brought together in an interactive online platform. She welcomes one and all to join her at this table of vision and co-creation.