Julia Holland

Vocal Artist

Random Fun Facts

Born in New Mexico and raised herself in California.

Has two adult children, a small dog, desert tortoise and a wild pollinator garden in Malibu.

Loves salsa dancing.

Spends her time in a 4×4 padded room. oops…booth.

Her super power is creating interesting meals with little food in the house.

In her lifetime has had 8 dogs, 12 cats, one duck, 1 guinea pig, some chickens, 1 burro, 1 horse, 1 desert tortoise, 1 cockatiel, and loads of rabbits

Watched Stevie Wonder play air hockey once.

Traveled to India, Africa, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Greece, Canada, Mexico.

Produced a play featuring George Clooney.

Was in a professional dance company in the 80’s called “The Dangerous Curves.”