Julia Holland

Vocal Artist

Teaching Philosophy

Discover a love of music

Each of us is our own instrument. Each with a different level of experience and a different physiological makeup. I am a teacher who is intuitive and observant and, because of my knowledge of the body and my experience as a singer myself, am able to understand what is going on to inhibit the free flow of sound.  My goal is to help the student recognize what is somatically going on the body, to not rely on what they think they sound like, but to be aware of and connect to the sensations.  

Each person learns differently. My challenge is to communicate the understanding of our bodies and its connection to our sound production, in such a way that each person can grasp it. Having been teaching for so many years, I easily adapt to your learning style. 

While I do not make song selections, I am happy to make suggestions. The ideal song is something the singer loves and can resonate with.  It’s important for the singer to discover their love of music while discovering their voice.

What Students Are Saying

Reviews straight from Julia’s happy clients.

“Julia has been an inspiring music teacher for my children for many years, she has mentored my son Daniel Paige and has given him confidence and a huge understanding about music and singing. He has been able to take his voice to another level since working with Julia over the years. Daniel is a performing artist today and talented songwriter. Julia is kind and loving and has an incredible gift in bringing out the most in her students through her own knowledge and talent”

Stephanie P.

At 65 it was a somewhat crazy idea to start taking piano lessons, but Julia is making me believe that it isn’t really that crazy at all. She is so patient and encouraging and am having a great time and LEARNING! Coming in at the tail end of her lessons with kids is a joy to listen to. They are so lucky to have such a terrific teacher.

Annie S.

With great heart and passion, Julia has been teaching my daughter Bridget since she was five years old—including coaching her for the role of Little Cosette in Les Mis at Pepperdine University when she was 10. I have seen her instill a love of singing and music and performance and creating confidence in so many kids in Malibu throughout the years.

Luke Chapman