Julia Holland

Vocal Artist

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Private Vocal Instruction

Get one-on-one coaching from Julia Holland in person at her studio or online. She focuses on science-based techniques and contemporary singing to enable the singer to find their own unique sound and strength.

Performance Coaching

With years as a director, Julia has worked with countless actors and singers to help them with creating unforgettable performances, incorporating stage techniques, mic techniques, dissecting the songs or scenes and connecting with the audience.

Audition Preparation

A quick tune up and critique may make the difference in getting the gig. Julia will help you find the jewels in your performance, fix any weak areas, and help you walk in with confidence.

Group Classes

Want to get your group in sync with eachother? Group coaching with Julia can ensure every vocalist hits their notes in harmony.

Piano Lessons for the Singer

Julia can help any singer cut through the fear of playing the piano. Learn how to accompany yourself. Be a better songwriter and understand the instrument.

Early Music Development

Your child may want to get a head start on vocal training. Julia has over 25 years experience working with young singers.

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